Tools to Help Your Business Succeed in 2019 By Aurora McCausland

Developments in technology have revolutionized everything about business. From marketing to social listening, project management to performance reviews, there is a website, mobile app, or software to help with just about every aspect of running a business. These developments have simultaneously made it easier and more difficult to run a successful business than before.

It’s easier because even small business owners who don’t have a lot of money have access to valuable tools that can help them achieve success. Social media, for example, provides a very effective form of marketing, social listening, and customer support, among other things, completely for free (of course, every company has the option to pay for more features and/or outsource their social media marketing to another company for a price, but the service itself is free).

Because every company has access to the tools that can make them successful, it can make it difficult to create a business that is successful. Due to the increased simplicity and easiness of starting a business, many markets are becoming saturated with new companies and the business world has never been more competitive. While these changes have provided many great benefits, they have also made it more difficult for companies to be successful or for one company to stand out above the rest.

In this world of growing competition, what makes the difference between a successful company and an unsuccessful one? There are a few important reasons. One of those reasons comes down to which tools they use and which ones they don’t. Choosing the right tools is important, but it can be a bit tricky. In an effort to help make it a bit easier, here is a list of tools to help your business succeed in 2019.

Social Media

Of course, everybody knows about the importance of social media in business. More than 85% of businesses use social media for marketing and it has been correctly stated that few businesses can succeed without it. Establishing a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites is huge and is well worth investing time, energy and money into.

Project Management

Project management tools have made it easier than ever for teams to work together, track progress, and achieve more. Tools like Trello, Asana, and Teamwork are simple to use and give streamline the task management process. If your business doesn’t have one already, you’ll want to get one.

Data Management

Data management softwares can make or break companies that store, handle, and work with large amounts of data. Companies like Veritas, Airtable, and Align BI make data more manageable by storing, organizing, and presenting huge amounts of data in simple and visual ways. With tools like these, you’ll never need to be intimidated by or misuse data again.

Online Surveys

The internet has made it easier than ever for customers and businesses to communicate with each other. This has benefitted both parties by giving customers a way to express their concerns to businesses and businesses a way to get valuable, relevant, and immediate feedback on how they can improve. Online survey softwares like SurveySparrow and Qualtrics create online surveys that are fast, simple, and easy to use, making the communication process easier and benefitting both parties.

Communication Tools

There’s no question that communication is absolutely essential for every business. That said, it should come as no surprise that communication tools are an integral part of every successful business. Tools like Slack, Jive, and SocialChorus provide a user-friendly platform that allows company members to communicate with each other in effective ways. When all of your work-related communications are in one place, it makes it easier for your team to communicate at work and separate their work life from their personal life.

Digital Marketing

It has been said that digital marketing is the future of business. The use of smart phones, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices increased incredibly quickly and is still growing, making digital marketing a fundamental contributor to business success. Reaching customers online is not only easier than ever, it’s proving to be more effective than most other forms of marketing. There is a lot that goes into it—from SEO to online ads, email marketing to website design—but there are companies like Gravitate Online, Directive, and others that specialize in doing that kind of work.

These are only a few of the tools that businesses need to be successful in today’s technological world. While the success of a company is ultimately dependent upon a range of things, the tools businesses use does play an important role in how it performs. If you own a business and aren’t using or investing in some of these tools, do some research, find one that you think will work for you, and give it a shot. You’ll thank yourself later!

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