Parent's Choice Infant Formula HMO is Available at Walmart

*Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Mirum, but all opinions expressed are my own. 

Are you looking for a good formula for your baby? 

The best advice for moms that I can give is to love your baby unconditionally and make the most of your time during their first year!! Time goes by so fast when you have little ones. 

When it comes to infant formula, the one that I recommend to all moms is the Parent's Choice Infant Formula HMO, as it's the right formula choice for new moms and their babies. Be sure to share your advice for moms on social media with the hashtag #MomKnowsBestWM . 

The challenges as a new mom that I had with my older two who were formula fed were trying to multi-task and ending up swapping hours with my husband on which hours who would bottle feed them. I usually took the late night hours, and he'd help with the in the middle of the night hours, which is kind of unrealistic for most couples especially with conflicting work schedules of the father sometimes, but it worked in the first month or so for us. 

It's tough as moms if you're sleep deprived to get up to do a bottle, but one thing after a while that I found really helpful was setting an alarm to get up before baby did and prepare the bottle. It worked great from then on out. We found that Parent's Choice infant formula worked well for our older kids and they never had an issue with it or anything. As new moms, sometimes we find that we are able to learn things from other moms. 

I know I did anyway. I look up to several of my mom friends, even with me now having 4 kids. 

When you have one child, sometimes it can work and help for you to try getting a nap in here and there when your baby is sleeping or napping throughout the day early on. When it comes to diapers, having a diaper pail or trashcan nearby will help make the task easier. 

Everyone knows, newborns go through diapers quite often so this is one way to help make it a little easier on you as a mom. If you're looking for a formula that is right for your baby, be sure to try Parent's Choice HMO Infant Formula. 

Some product information I'd like to highlight and share are below: 
- Parent's Choice Sensitivity Infant Formula and Parent's Choice Advantage Infant Formula feature 2' -FL HMO and are now available exclusively in Walmart stores!
- The infant formulas provide a blend of nutrients that support baby's growth and development. 
- Parent's Choice Advantage: Compare to the Nutrition of Simila PRO-ADVANCE 

- Parent's Choice Sensitivity: Compare to the Nutrition of Similac PRO SENSITIVE 

When they say that Parent's Choice Sensitivity and Parent's Choice Advantage feature HMO, they mean to say that they feature a human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), a prebiotic that helps establish beneficial bacteria for immune support. 

They added 2'-FL HMO to Parent's Choice Sensitivity and Parent's Choice Advantage so they can help your baby's immune system to be more like the immune system of a breastfed baby. 

Some of the benefits of these products are: 
- Complete nutrition for your baby's first year 
- 2'-FL HMO Prebiotic to support immunity 
- DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E to support growth 
- Non-GMO Ingredients Not Genetically Engineered Parent's Choice was named 2018's best baby formula by Baby Bargains.


  1. I do not have children in the family, but I still like to read news about them. I will however know who to recommend this product, certainly to many of my friends with small children.

  2. This sounds like great formula! I'm glad it's available for those who need it. I shop at Walmart often and I imagine lots of other moms do too.

  3. This formula worked great for my two boys. we always used the advanced formula, thankfully my boys didnt have any stomach issues.

  4. This sounds so good. I will share across my network for sure. Thank you.

  5. Interesting. I don't have any small children but sister in law recently had a child and this seems like it would be great and convenient for her.

  6. I wasn't able to nurse one of my daughters, and money was really tight at the time. I was so grateful when the pediatrician said that generic formula was just fine. Parent's Choice was my go-to!

  7. The infant formula milk powder with iron must be super good for the baby's growth and good health. New moms would need this.

  8. I never knew about this as I do not thing they are sold in UK. but its great to know there are so many choices if you travel abroad :)

  9. I like how they offer 2 variants for their milk formula. This way, moms will really have a choice for their kids' growth and overall nutrition.

  10. Great review. Will definitely consider this formula in the next couple of months when my baby will starting formula.