Learning More About Influencer Marketing

*Disclaimer - I am receiving payment for this post from Diamond Links.

When it comes to the blogging realm and other marketing departments, influencer marketing is where things are happening right now. 

Brands work with a huge variety of influencers, from beauty to travel, to parenting, and more. There's not just one category to put influncers into. There are so many ways for brands to work with influencers through influencer marketing, such as sponsored posts, sponsored campaigns, paid social media posts, Twitter parties, and more!

Influencer marketing has become popular for one great reason, and that is because it works! You the brand aren't guaranteed to succeed from using influencer marketing by any means, but it sure won't hurt to give it a try!

I do many influencer campaigns with brands as a blogger and some work out great, while others don't lead to other paid campaigns down the road. I like to maintain a working relationship with the brands and networks that I do work with, throughout the year. I know many other influencers who do the same. 

I think the important thing about keeping the campaigns at hand or the post you're paying the influencer to do is wanting decent engagement on the posts done, which I know as an influencer isn't always easy to get that done but promoting the posts you do for brands will help. 

Building and keeping relationships that are built through these campaigns and posts is important, at least I know it is for myself as a blogger/influencer. It shows that you're serious about wanting to help out the brand with getting the word out about certain products and services that they may offer. 

You need to reach out to influencers that meet the criteria for what your brand needs to get the word out there. For instance, I am a lifestyle blogger so I cover a variety of niches into one so I wouldn't want to only focus my blog posts and social media posts on one specific topic, when I cover a good few areas. 

One good resource is PR on Behrman , which will give you an idea on what they do when it comes to influencer marketing, so be sure to check it out when you get a chance. They have services that can be very helpful to work with. 

It may take you several different influencer marketing strategies to find the one that works for you and the brand that you're representing. Google is a good tool to help find the marketing tools that you'll need to be truly successful with your campaigns and sales. 

The thing you need to do is find the strategy for influencer marketing that works best for you and your brand. You don't always need to go by what other people or networks say work, try what you feel would work best for you and go from there. If that idea doesn't work, then try something else until you find something that fits your company's wants and needs for their longterm needs.

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