How to Build a Shed Yourself

The latest project my husband has been working on is building himself a bigger/better shed where he can do paperwork related to jobs and invoices, as well as store a lot of tools and things in as well. He uses all DeWalt tools.  

This picture is when he started towards the beginning of summer 2018.

My husband is a licensed contractor in our state and does a lot of home remodeling jobs with his everyday work for clients he has, and does a wonderful job with all of the ones he has had thus far. Well, here at home he likes to do a lot of things around the house too when it comes to fixing things, as well as building things. 

Here is when he first started working on his shed, which is to hold a lot of his tools and other supplies he owns. This is by the alley behind our house where it's out of the way, but easily accessible. He buys most of his supplies and tools from Home Depot closest to us which is super convenient because they are familiar with him, as he's there quite often!

He has succeeded far more with this project than I thought he would and he is very happy with the result of the shed. He just needs to add some siding to it and will be done, which he will do when he has spare time. 

Here is some of the supplies that he has been using for building his shed over the past few months. The circular saw comes in handy with the wood for putting the shed together.

Here is an inside look at one of the sides of the shed while he was working on it.

He is very detailed when it comes to what he wants when he is putting things together or building something specific that he or someone else will be using, especially for long-term use. He wanted to be sure to put a sensor light at the entrance of the shed, as well as a sliding glass door to get into the shed, which I personally love because it makes it unique!

Here is some of his scaffolding that he used to be able to put together the outside part of his shed. It took balance and skill to be able to work with it, at least in my eyes it did. For those who do not know how to do it, they must hire professional scaffolding hire Cambridge.

Here is another inside look at the front area of the shed as he was building it piece by piece, as well as the floorboards, which took time and effort on his part to get pieced together like he needed them to be. 

This view shows you one side before he put the window in, as well as the flooring on how nicely detailed he did it. And, all the wood is treated too so it holds up fine with weather. 

Here is the window once it was installed in the shed. 

This is an interesting view as it was from the ground's angle as you can probably tell, but it also shows you how tall it is in comparison to most sheds. 

Right now, this is the end product and he will be adding some siding to it, as well as finishing the side of the shed hopefully within the next few months when he has the time. 

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