Getting the Best with Fresh Meat

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Are you interested in learning about fresh meats?

When it comes to finding good meat, it's really important that you find fresh meat that you know you'll learn to love and a brand that you can trust in for a good fresh meal for your family. When it comes to looking for an organic meat butcher, you want to know who you are buying from.

For my own family, when it comes to meats I want to know what it is for one and what marinades it has that will make it taste even better. I love a good fresh steak or ribs, but I know I want specific seasoning/marinades on them as well. 

What's your favorite fresh meat? For me, I am big on chicken, beef, and pork. Our family eats quite a bit of all three types of meat. I know many people though who shop all over the place specifically looking for lamb meat, so they have to sometimes drive good ways to find the perfect place that has it. 

For beef, it's important to me to know that it's not made with a bunch of additives in it that are obviously not good for anyone to eat. Finding an all natural and also premium beef is important, and you can usually call around to local farms to see who has what you need. 

My husband and I don't like over-processed meats by any means, it makes the meat taste a lot different than if we buy fresh meats. Yes, it can and usually is more expensive to buy it fresh but it's well worth it in the end to have a healthier meat to feed your family.

When it comes to marinades on meat, I am not an expert but I love a good strong one on my meats. Usually, I don't have one for hamburger, but I sure do for steaks, ribs, and roasts. My favorite marinade to put on  steaks is usually a specific steak type sauce that both my husband and I like. 

For ribs, it's between a spicy and tangy type of BBQ sauce to go on it. For roasts, we like an Italian marinade to go on it to make the overall taste much better.

There is so much selections when it comes to fresh meats and what you can do with it to make it taste great, as well as ways to cook it best, and more. I love meat but there's something better about fresh meat that makes it even better taste-wise, with and without marinading it. 

Be sure to call around your area to see who has the best selections you want/need for fresh meat, as well as checking around for the best prices because yes the fresh meat will be more expensive than store bought for sure, but it's well worth it overall. 

Sometimes, you may need to ask around and see what farms family or friends recommend or ones that they buy from to see what fits your family's needs and budget too. 

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