Men Will Love Carhartt Flannel Lined Washed Duck Dungaree Pants

*Disclaimer - Carhartt sent us the products in this post for reviewing purposes. All opinions are our own. 

Are you looking for a good pair of pants for your significant other for winter?

When it comes to work clothes, my husband has his eye on one brand and one only and has for many, many years and that brand is Carhartt. One reason he was so thrilled to find out he gets to work with them on a couple different occasions with Chit Chat Mom. 

The pants he's highlighting in this post are the Flannel Lined Washed Duck Dungaree pants and they're very well made, especially for winter while working outside on a consistent daily basis with jobs, as he's in the construction industry and does many outdoor jobs throughout the year. You can buy these pants for just $49.99 on their website!

This winter has gotten really bitter cold on some weeks and these pants have really come in handy lately for him with shoveling snow, as well as vehicle work, and other everyday use. These are very well made pants especially for working outdoors. 

He also got a nice long sleeve t-shirt for this post called the Workwear Long-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt, which he has several of from Carhartt. He got the color dark brown for this one, and you can get it for just $22.99 on their website!

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