Getting the Most ROI from Your Home Improvements by Alek Sab

When it comes to making your home make you money, there are two main directions to go! You need to either put big money into projects that drastically increase the value of your home, or you can do highly cost-effective projects that will cumulatively add value. Here are a few examples of bigger projects, as well as a few home improvement projects that you can try to knock out in a weekend. Learn more about how to get the most ROI from your home improvements, below!


It’s All About the Kitchen
The number one most important room, when it comes to home value and getting a high return on your
renovation investment, is your kitchen. All of the updates that you can make towards your kitchen will
pay off in a big way, and greatly improve the value of a home. This is because the kitchen is one of
the most important rooms that potential homebuyers look at, and can picture themselves in.

A kitchen is the hearth of a home, it’s the place where families get together to enjoy company and
nourishment. Upgrade the kitchen with cabinets or countertops to make it more appealing. Be sure to
find the best kitchen storage solutions that will fit your home's needs!

Make a Pleasant Bathroom
Aside from the kitchen, the other important room on the inside of a home is the bathroom. Updating a
bathroom tends to be less expensive than updating a kitchen, but still has a major impact on value.
Like a kitchen, updated cabinets and counters are important components to a bathroom update. If you
are looking for a simple way to make your bathroom feel more current, simply adding a fresh coat of
paint can accomplish that.

Do know one thing, you can save toilet paper with a home bidet in the bathroom for your convenience.

Landscaping Is Key to Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is critical to generating home value, and the front line of curb appeal is the landscaping
on the front of your home, which is why exterior home improvements tend to have a high ROI. To
create front yard landscaping, go beyond the standard of maintaining a green, trimmed lawn and add
some points of interest to the front of your home as well. Ideas for front yard landscaping include
flower beds lining the walkway to your home, a small tree or two, pavers separating elements of your
landscaping, and small garden lighting along your front walkway. You can even mix natural elements
in the garden beds surrounding your home by including a mixture of small trees, bushes, and flowers.
Proper fences are another key aspect of landscaping for home value, as they can help frame your
entire property.


Change the Front Door
There other, less expensive ways to increase the curb appeal for your home. One of those ways is to
simply change up your front door. When it comes to adding the most value to your home, while
spending the least amount of money, one of the easiest things you can do is paint your front door.
Even just putting a new coat of paint on a front door has been shown to have an enormous effect on
the curb value of a home, since it can change the entire look of your exterior, super simply. One study
indicated that the front door had the greatest psychological effect on whether buyers would buy a
home out of all other exterior amenities.

Change Lighting Fixtures
The more light that one has in their home, the more it will actually feel like home. There is also a great
financial value to updating the lighting in your home, as newer models of light fixtures are more energy
efficient, while generating a warmer, more comfortable light. If you just want to change the look of a
room, painting a light fixture can be a cheap and efficient way to control your new look. Also, updating
the light fixtures throughout your home can qualify as an energy upgrade, which could qualify you for
some great tax rebates!

Add Shelves to Appropriate Areas
Any room will feel much larger and more complete with decorated walls, this is because it gives the
eye more to look at, making your mind feel like there is more to do. One really effective way to add to
the walls of a room is to build shelves into the wall. This is very cheap and exceptionally easy to do,
as all you need is a right-sized plank of painted lumber. It also adds more storage and shelf space, so
you can fill up a room with personalized decorations that demonstrate your personality. For greater
effect, use as much of the wall as possible.

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