Get the Best Quality Work Clothes with Carhartt

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Carhartt in order to facilitate this post. 

Do you have a husband or significant other looking for some good/warm work clothes?

My husband was and is absolutely thrilled that we're able to partner with Carhartt for several posts for different outfits for work clothes, and this is the first post of several that I will be doing for them. 

He works outside a lot, so his number one brand of work clothes for about 26 years he said! This is the one brand that has stayed true to its values and make their products to last and not rip easily.  This has been proven to be true with his many years of wearing this brand of clothes.

The outfit in this post that he wore is the new navy color of the Paxton Hooded Rain Defender Heavyweight Sweatshirt hoodie, which is great for when it's cold out or is raining. It helps keep him dry when it's been raining, as well as snowing here where we live. Below was when we were at our son's basketball game one night. You can get this hoodie for just $49.99 on their website! 

They are THE brand of work pants and shirts that actually last and are very well made, and don't wear and tear. He buys them once a year and gets quite a bit between work pants, t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, work shorts, and more. They are well worth the prices you pay for them. 

The work pants in this post are the Men's Loose Fit Canvas Carpenter Pant . He mentioned for me to add about these pants to probably order a size above what you normally wear. For some reason, they are a little snug on him, but he will be wearing them more to break them in better. 

He likes these because they are great for the work he does, and they have many pockets that he uses all the time with work that are very helpful. You can buy these for just $39.99 on the Carhartt website!


  1. We like pockets, especially when working. My father-in-law always wore Carhartt when he was working and doing other various tasks.

  2. Carhartt is one of our favorite brands for my husband. Working outside - clothing needs to be super durable and cost effective. This company definitely does that!

  3. All the men who work outside around here wear Carhart!