4 Most Common Dental Problems

Our mouth and teeth are very important parts of our bodies. Not only are they used for
practical purposes such as eating and chewing, but one’s smcan do a lot in creating positive first impressions and friendships.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of issues that can arise with your mouth and teeth. While most of these issues are minor inconveniences and not serious, some dental issues could have a major impact on your lifestyle and quality of life. So what are the most common dental problems, and how can they be treated most effectively? Here are the four most common dental problems.

Bad Breath
Although more of a minor inconvenience, bad breath is still one of the most common dental problems that people can experience. The problem is that a wide variety of issues can potentially cause bad breath. Anything from a bad case of bacteria build-up to some kinds of cancer can cause halitosis or bad breath. Due to this, it is important that if you have persistent bad breath that you get it checked out by a reputable dentist so that the problem can be examined and hopefully solved before it shows signs of something worse. 

Bad Smile
It may not seem like much, but a bad smile is actually an extremely common reason why people seek
out dental help. Someone may not be happy with their smile for a multitude of reasons including their
smile’s whiteness and their teeth placement. Depending on the cause of the problem a dentist may
recommend teeth whitening and cleaning, or may even refer you to an orthodontist to fix your teeth
placement. In addition, some patients may be referred to an oral surgeon.

An oral surgeon in Wilkes-Barre PA or anywhere else could remove excess teeth in your mouth to
avoid overcrowding and crowding out.  Not being satisfied with your smile can be a major blow to
confidence and self-esteem, making a bad smile a major reason why people visit dentists.

Nothing quite hurts like a toothache does, which is why it is such a recurring problem during dental
isits. A toothache can affect your quality in life in many areas including eating and drinking and can
make your life miserable. In addition, toothaches can be caused by a wide variety of things such as
cavities, abscess, or broken or injured teeth. If you’re having a bad toothache, then you should seek
dental help immediately.

Gum Disease

Some dental issues pertain to the area around the teeth, which is the case in gum disease. Gum
disease involves a bad infection in the gums and could include symptoms such as pain, swelling, and
bleeding. Everyone has a chance of getting gum disease, but thankfully diligently brushing and
flossing should keep it at bay. However,  those that are unfortunate enough to deal with gum disease
should seek dental help as soon as possible.

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