Ways for a Business to Go Greener

Ways for a Business to Go Greener
by Alek Sabin

In the modern business landscape, sustainability has become an ideal that is practically required, in
order to stay competitive in the current marketplace. The trends are clear, when it comes to the
benefits of sustainability. Indeed, even giant super corporations, such as Wal-Mart, have jumped to
forefront of demanding sustainable solutions for their business practices.

While we’re not saying that Wal-Mart is a green company (by nature of what they are, they cannot
be a green company), but sustainable steps in a business do wonders to increase productivity and reduce waste. Here are some tips for going green, as well as reasons why your business should.

Have Energy Saving Policies
At the end of the day, a business needs to be able to turn a profit so that it can support the livelihoods
of the people who spend their time keeping it alive. Because of this, most businesses want to save a
buck everywhere they can. This is why so many companies get excited about the prospect of energy
saving measures, because it is a great way to continue being a sustainable and environmentally
friendly business, while also cutting down on the costs that a business needs to keep open. Updating
your business’ lights to energy-efficient LED ones is a great first step to doing this, but you can also
start by simply having your employees turn off their electronics at the end of the work day. The most
effective way to go about saving energy is to use forms of renewable energy, such as solar power.

Use Less Paper
The most basic way that a business can take steps to become more sustainable is to cut down on the
amount of paper that moves through the business. Although there will likely always be some paper
involved in standard business practices, many companies have taken steps to become “paperless.”
When you consider that the United States, alone, goes through nearly 187 billion pounds of paper, it
starts to become clear that we need to do more to reduce this incredibly shocking amount. This
doesn’t only lend itself towards creating an environmentally stable business, but also saves money on
paper and other supplies. The most clear-cut way to accomplish this is to move towards cloud
business solutions.

Create Less Waste
Businesses have the potential to go through an astonishing amount of waste, especially if business
owners don’t take careful measures to reduce it. One of the oldest ways to set your business up as
one that is sustainable and green is to find clever ways to reduce the waste that is required for your
business to carry out its practices. One obvious way to do this is to set up recycling for your
employees, and to encourage it. However, there is an unlimited number of possibilities to the ways
that you can reduce waste, from changing packaging on products to reutilizing old tools and
technology. Indeed, businesses can even design their offices and facilities to better facilitate a
decrease in waste from their company, as detailed by this article on sustainable architecture.

Follow Legal Environmental Procedures
Not only is being a sustainable business the right thing to do, as well as economical, it may also be a
legal necessity. The modern business landscape is full of regulations that a company will need to
comply with to continue to operate, safely. Striving to be a sustainable business will already put you in
pretty good standing with many of these regulations, usually, but it is still crucial to examine these
regulations and make sure that you are legally protected in every possible way! (This is actually an
important reason to make sure that your company’s lawyer is involved in discussions about
environmentally friendly practices.)

Go Green, Save Money
The truth is that going green doesn’t just have humanitarian benefits, or public relations ones, but it is
actually, typically, financially beneficial to try, due to the lessening of costs associated with materials
and energy, which are both things that you try to cut down on when you are going green.

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