Why Store Brand Formula is Right for Your Family

Disclaimer - This post has been sponsored by Store Brand Formula. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Are you looking for a different formula for your little one?

I formula fed my older two children and found one that worked great for them. Some things that I found helped me the most in preparing their bottles was to use concentrated formula instead of powdered. I want to share some mom hacks of my own that I found to be helpful from being a busy mom that I hope will help you too. 

Mom Hack #1:
I found it easier to prepare in the long run especially if I didn't need more from the can, I just put it in the fridge for the next bottle! This saves a little time overall with concentrated formula. 

Mom Hack #2:
Prepare bottles ahead of time before leaving home. This was very important that I did with our older two kids, it helped to make 2 - 3 bottles to put in the diaper bag before getting in the car in case he or she needed a bottle while we weren't home. It worked great the majority of the time when doing this. 

Mom Hack #3:
Letting others help feed baby. This gives moms a little break whether she realizes it or not and lets baby get use to being fed by more than just mom of course from time to time too. You'll thank me later when the time comes. 

Some information about Store Brand Formula:
Store Brand Formula is nutritionally comparable to nationally advertised brands but costs up to 50% less. It’s called formula for a reason. 

- Infant formula is regulated by the FDA, which means that all ingredients need to meet specific standards- that means that all formula brands contain comparable essential nutrients to make sure baby stays healthy and receives nutrients to grow.
- The Parents’ NewsFEED provides a resource for parents to get informed and have a laugh while sharing the journey of parenthood.  

I love this video and wanted to share it with you so you can see how kids use their logic to tell you about this formula! 

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