Introducing Ultra Squad Graphic Novel at Justice

*Disclaimer - I received the goodies in this post from Justice for promoting this post.

Are you looking for a new style from Justice?

We have had a wonderful time working with Justice, and we are excited to tell you about their NEW Ultra Squad book that is available NOW for just $8.00 at your local Justice store on online at Justice. To celebrate the launch, you can pick up a FREE copy of the Ultra Squad graphic novel at your local Justice store with a purchase of $25 or more while supplies last

Our daughter received some awesome goodies from Justice in preparation of the launch of their Ultra Squad book. Ultra Squad is the first book in a new graphic novel series tells the story of four tween girls who are battling an evil force threatening Earth and work together to use their magical super-girl powers to save the universe. She has read through several pages so far and says that she loves it and can't wait to read more! This is a great way to get kids to read more and learn more about the Ultra Squad! Be sure to check out the Educator's Guide for even more ways to engage while reading the Ultra Squad book. What a great holiday gift idea, perfect for stocking stuffers!

We’re so excited to see what’s next from Justice this holiday season!

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