How to Keep Your Workout From Feeling Like a Chore By Aurora McCausland

While some people enjoy their daily workouts, for most people, it’s a necessary evil that you dread, and you labor through. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can enjoy your workout, and it doesn’t have to be a chore. How?

Switch up your routine
For most people, the boredom that they experience during their workout is because they are doing
the same thing every single day. If you just hop on the treadmill for forty five minutes and then get
right back off, then that’s probably why you hate working out. You don’t have to venture into something
you’re entirely uncomfortable in, but make sure that you switch it up. Use a different cardio machine.
Do an interval workout on the treadmill, instead. If change makes you uncomfortable, there’s no need to throw everything you know out the window for something new, but take what you’re comfortable with, and switch it up a little to keep you on your toes.

Bring a workout buddy
Working out alone can be exhausting and boring. Bringing a friend with you to the gym is great for a
few different reasons. It will motivate you to get into the gym more often because you have someone
who is keeping you accountable, and it will give you someone to talk to and compete against. Let’s be
honest, there’s a natural rivalry when your friend is lifting next to you. You’ll want to do just one more
rep than them. Just one more minute on the elliptical. It will keep you both going longer and make
your workout more effective.

Try something that doesn’t feel like a workout
There are so many ways to get in an effective workout that don’t require going into the gym. Go rock
climbing, take a bike ride with your partner, or take a canoe out into a lake. You don’t have to be
maxing your squat PR or running a faster mile in order to get in an impressive workout. It’s actually a
good idea to try and switch up your routine with exercises outside of the gym. It will help work different
muscle groups in a more natural way, and will help make your workouts more fun.

Fit in a quick workout at home
Sometimes, the worst part about working out is getting yourself out of the house and to the gym. It can
seem like such a far ways to go just to burn a few hundred calories, so maybe instead, get in a quick
workout at home. Run into your garage and lift weights, push your kid in a stroller around the block
and do burpees every time you pass a mailbox, or do planks during the commercial breaks of your
favorite show.

Change your workout playlist
What you listen to is a powerful influence over how effective your workout is. If your workout is starting
to feel like a drag, try changing up your workout playlist. Ask your friends for song suggestions, or
explore popular workout playlists on Spotify. If you feel like you need a little more entertaining during
your workout, you could also try listening to a podcast that you find really compelling instead of music.
Not everyone can feel continually motivated during their workout without the BPM coming from their
music, but a lot of people really love working out to podcasts instead of music. This may be just the
change that your workout has been needing!

Step outside
A change of scenery can be a powerful thing, in any aspect of your life. If your regular workout routine
seems to be dragging you down, go ahead and try doing your workout outside if possible. You don’t
have to do the entire thing outside if it’s not convenient, but bring your weights outside so you can feel
the sun while you workout. It doesn’t have to be a big change, but if the weather is nice, this can be a
powerful change that will remotivate you.

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