Android or iPhone: Which Apps Do You Like Best?

Do you like Android or iPhone best? 

There are some things that are important to figure out which you like best, and that's a phone. I personally have never owned an Apple device, so I am not sure how iPhones are but I've heard great things about them, more so the newer devices and such. 

A good app developer that many people like is AppekApps. You can find useful information within their website.

I have always had Android and before the phone I had was a Samsung Galaxy S4, but then it broke so I decided to go with a Samsung J7 phone and for the most part, I like it just fine. I was wanting to possibly give iPhone a try for a year or two but decided against it just based on the price of the phone and my budget.

I don't have many issues with appications personally, but know that iPhones offer a big variety of apps that many people love, but Android has some apps that iPhone users cannot use too. So, in the end you need to decide which device is best for you. Some people LOVE the apps that iPhone has to offer and refuse to ever be part of the Android family when it comes to their phone. 

There are many different apps, so before you go to buy the phone you have had your eye on, keep in mind what you want in that phone when it comes to playing with apps or using them for work as needed. I have never used an apple device personally to know how their applications work or what their pros and cons are in comparison to Android, but I love the apps I use with Android and recommend it.

Which will you choose to go with, Android or iPhone? 

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  1. I started out as an Android user. Back when a phone was really just a phone, and apps didn't exist yet. When accessing the internet and apps and data blew up the world as we knew it, I was still an Android user. In the beginning of the Apple/Android race, Apple really was the king. I changed from Android to Apple to see if I liked the Iphone any better. I had been frustrated with the ease of use of the Android. It was incredibly slow to access the net, plus there weren't many apps to use to do things on the net. The Iphone opened up a whole new world for me and I learned to love the Iphone and all the things I could do with it!! Somewhere before Iphone 4 was introduced I gave Android another try. I quickly found it less user friendly and slower than my trusty Apple. I went back to Apple and have stayed there. i'm pretty certain that if I were to give Android another try that I would have a much different opinion than I do now. Apple has slowed or stalled in their race to be in first place and to keep learning more and more about all that technology has to offer. Android has grown by huge, gigantic leaps and bounds since I last used it. For now, I'll keep my I products, but who knows what the future holds, lol