Ways to Put Your Health First as a Busy Mom

Ways to Put Your Health First as a Busy Mom
You work hard every day. You take care of the kids, keep up the home, dote on your spouse, and hold down a job. In the midst of all that, it can sometimes be difficult to remember to prioritize your health. Things, like eating right, exercising, getting good sleep, and tending to your mental health, are put on the back burner for the sake of your loved ones. Though you are simply trying to do your best to be there for your family, the truth is, you can’t do any of it if you’re not healthy. 

What Happens When You’re Not First?
Women often sacrifice their own needs for those they care about. This can work for years without issue, but after a while, it can take its toll. Unfortunately, some women feel as if they’ve lost themselves, their health declines, they start to resent their families, and some even turn to vices like drugs and alcohol to cope with feelings of depression. 

Remember if you feel as though you need to reassert yourself, it can be healthy to streamline your routine and focus on the basics. With a system like fast DBT, you'll also find a way to appreciate yourself once more. 

*If you are under a great deal of stress, suffering from depression, and/or turning to vices like drugs and alcohol for relief, you should look for a facility for sober living in Los Angeles or near where you live. Such treatment centers will help you detox, learn how to cope with your emotions, and keep sober living for ten years and beyond. If you’re prescribed any meds, you can get them from online sources at low costs.

Finding The Time
It may seem selfish to follow the concept of keeping yourself first, but it isn’t. When you take care of your physical and emotional well-being, you’re actually in a better position to be the superwoman you are to your family. You may have a tight schedule, but somewhere during the course of the day, you need to make time for yourself. Here are some ways to make time in your busy schedule to prioritize your health. 

Wake Up Earlier - The start of the day is the best time to give yourself a little TLC. Your morning routine can often determine the course of the rest of your day. So, if you typically wake the family up around 7, try getting up at 6 am to tend to your needs. 

Your Lunch Break - That 30 minutes to an hour that you receive for lunch can really be put to good use. The kids are in school, your spouse is at work, and your boss has given you a break. Use it wisely. 

After Bedtime - Once the kids are all tuckered out and you’ve tucked them in for the night, you now have time to yourself. Stay up an hour or two after you’ve put them to bed and find a way to indulge in your own needs. 

Get a Sitter - If you need more time to dedicate to yourself, there’s nothing wrong with asking a friend, family member, or babysitter to watch the kids. 

Making Healthy Living Easier
The other reasons moms seem to have a hard time putting their health first is that healthy living can sometimes be complicated. Home cooked meals take hours to prepare, getting to a gym is sometimes impossible, and other health routines are just too much to handle. 

Here are some tips to make healthy living easier: 
Prep Meals - Meal prep is a lifesaver for moms across the country. Taking a few hours on the weekend to rinse and chop your veggies, season your meats, and portion out your carbs makes weekly cooking a look easier. 

Meal Plans - Create a meal plan for the week. This reduces the need to think about what’s for dinner and makes prepping easier. 

Quick Meals - In the mornings when you’re rushing around, don’t try and prepare a full-course breakfast. Instead, grab something quick like a bowl of bran cereal, a muffin, bagel, piece of fruit, or smoothie. 

Pack Lunch - Eating out isn’t always a good thing. It drains your budget and also adds on unwanted pounds. Start making your lunch when you make the rest of your family’s so you can reduce the amount of takeout you’re consuming. 

Workout at Home - If going to a gym is too complicated you can still get the workout you need at home. The internet is filled with plenty of easy to follow exercise videos you can mimic to develop your own fitness routine. 

Include the Family - If there’s too much to juggle trying to do it on your own, including the family. Walk the dog together, introduce new and healthy foods, cook together, go to the park, just find ways to make health fun. It really is a positive example for your kids to see. 

You’ve got a lot going on in your life. It’s understandable that with so much to do, that you can forget things. However, neglecting your own health is the worst thing you could do. It makes it harder for you to love, support, and be there for your family. So, do yourself, and your family a favor and use the above tips to find the time and make healthy living easier so you can put yourself first. 

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