Stay Fit with the GoBe 2 Smart Life Band

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Healbe in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for a good smart life band that will keep up with things for you?

I have never had a smart life band before but I am really excited to tell you about this one from HealBe called the GoBe 2 and it's awesome. There are many similar products out there I've never tried, but I wanted to be able to track how many steps I do in a day, as well as water intake and this is a really neat product because it'll tell you!

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You will need to download the Healbe app which will sync your new GoBe 2 to your phone, and it'll tell you right on the app how many steps you have taken while wearing it that day if you wore it, calorie intake, stress level, and water intake. It's a product that most moms (and dads) would love to have. 

You can get 10% off using the promo code: chitchatmom at checkout time! You can also find the GoBe 2 on Amazon!

I use mine for when I am going to be at the park since I like to walk with our younger two in the stroller around the big track, so it'll track the distance from the time I put the band on until I remove it for the day. It's a big lifesaver for seeing how many steps you take in a day, and it'll convert it into miles as well for you, and shows the time. 

I also like how it'll track how many calories you intake to an extent. It may not fully show every single one, but it's a good source for seeing how much you're taking in. It also can/will track your sleeping patterns if you wear it overnight too, which is really cool as well; just to see how much time you were asleep, versus woke up for any time frame, etc. This is a really neat product to own.

You can check out a GoBe 2 video HERE if you'd like to see how it works visually.

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