4 First Pets and What Kids Learn from Them

Raising your child to be compassionate and responsible is taken care of by giving them a pet. As a parent, you might feel that any pet you get your child will eventually become your headache. It is true only if you allow it.

Simply getting your child a dog or cat on a whim will not make them responsible. Your child needs to develop a sense of responsibility before you can count on it.
Here is a progression of pets and things your child can learn from each of them:
Virtual pets
Tamagotchi might be a fondly remembered 90s kid memory. But today there are many Tamagotchi inspired software and apps that you can get your child started with. With virtual pets, you do not need to fret over discount pet items and meds, so long as in-app purchases are not necessary.
Learning- from a virtual pet your child can learn the key aspects of keeping a pet. Regular feeding times, cleaning schedules, excreta management and having fun with a pet is what virtual pets offer. You can set goals for your child to keep the virtual pet safe for X-number of days. Failing to do so can have no real repercussions on a living being.
Today, getting an insect as a pet does not mean picking up a firefly from your garden and putting it in a jar. You can buy ant farms, beetle larva, caterpillar and many more insects.
Learning- the learning can depend on the type of insect you get your child. Ants help teach your child the importance of teamwork and sustainability. Caterpillars are interesting for children since there are many lessons to take away from the transformation. Beetles can be hardy pets that can teach your child responsibility as well.
A visit to a nearby lake can help you get a few tadpoles. You might need to help set up an aquarium. After setting the aquarium to teach your child to take care of the aquarium. Keeping a journal of transformation can also be a part of the experience.
Learning- maintaining an aquatic animal is a harder task than giving some leaves to a caterpillar. This experience tests your child’s understanding of their pet’s needs. It also allows them to get some physical activity that comes with cleaning the aquarium. Recording a journal enhances your child’s writing skills while sharpening their power of observation.
With a fish, you set your child towards the mainstream pet progression. The aquarium set up can be enhanced and expanded to support fishes. With their pre-acquired aquarium maintenance skill set, your child is ready to take care of their next level of pets.
Learning- fishes are harder to maintain than frogs so it can be a final test for your child before getting them a pet that needs more intensive care. You can also get your child breeding pairs of fishes. With that, you can help your child understand the concept of reproduction.
Each of these pets will enrich your child’s life. Unless they seem keen on caring for each of them, your child may not be ready to take the responsibility of a pet.

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