Water Balloon Fun with the Bunch O' Balloons Slingshot

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Zuru in order to facilitate this review for my readers. 

Are your kids looking to add some adventure to their Bunch O' Balloons?

Our kids have a great time with each other and their friends in the neighborhood with their Bunch O' Balloons, BUT they also got a Bunch O' Balloons Slingshot to go with them for summer so they have a better time doing it across the yard! It's fun to watch. 

The Slingshot also comes with 3 packs of Bunch O' Balloons so it's a big money saver in itself! I love the balloons and the whole concept that goes along with it because it self-ties once you push the balloons outward. The slingshot is a lot of fun to watch the water balloons fly across the yard or wherever you might be while using it. 

Of course our three-year-old son doesn't get the concept of how to use the slingshot yet, but of course, he has fun chasing the water balloons as they fly in the air! He does LOVE the Bunch O' Balloons so I will have to buy some more before the summer ends for sure! This will keep older kids entertained for a while. 

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