Summer Fun with Bunch O' Balloons

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Zuru in order to facilitate this review.

Are your kids looking for some water balloons that self-tie? Keep reading!

I know that most kids from toddler age on up love to play with water balloons. Our kids found out about Bunch O' Balloons not too long ago and then I found out we could work with them, so I was excited to tell them! 

These were fun to play with and we took them over to our friends' house so they could play with them and see how they work too! Once you get the piece at the end on the hose, turn your water hose on and let them fill up a little bit and then push out the balloons so they won't explode and pop from being so full and big. 

Then, you'll have yourself a nice bunch o' balloons and can have a fun water balloon fight with friends or your kids! If done correctly, they will last a little bit then you'll have a lot of balloons to toss or throw with each other! The ones I received are the Avengers-themed ones, so they're blue, red, and green in color!

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