Have a Family Movie Night for Hotel Transylvania 3 Coming Out

*Disclaimer - I received products and a gift card to purchase things in this post, for family movie night to promote this movie.

Are you looking for a fun movie or two to watch with family?

As you know, Hotel Transylvania 3 is coming out in theatres on July 13, and in honor of that, I had a fun Family Movie Night with our kids to watch the first two so that we're ready to see Hotel Transylvania 3 when it's out!

You know that Family Movie Night can't happen without POPCORN, right??

That's right, I got us some Kettle Corn and it's really delicious and goes great with our Family Movie Night goodies! I like the sweetness of it and we all thoroughly enjoyed it along with the fun movies we got the watch, Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2! 

Of course, along with the goodies that our friends at Sony Pictures sent for Family Movie Night, I got to buy some snacks and drinks for us and our kids to share while we enjoy the movies together! 

Everyone loves a good sweet snack, right? That's why I got these fruity snacks, pop tarts, and fruit by the foot! And all but the pop tarts are actually gone now because our kids enjoyed them a little too much!

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