Get Soaked in Water with the X-Shot Hydro Hurricane

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Zuru, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for a fun water gun for your older kids to enjoy this summer?

Our older two absolutely love water guns and our oldest being 10 likes having the bigger ones to shoot water further and play with friends, so this was great timing when we received the X-Shot Hydro Hurricane

This one is much easier to fill up, as you just have to remove the white lid on top of the green portion of the Hydro Hurricane, and when it's full just put it back on and have fun with siblings and friends! 

This one shoots water up to 30 ft and has a 53 fl oz water tank, so it has a nice big tank to fill up with water! I know when I was a kid we never had these nice big water guns they have now!

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