Toddlers will Love EduShape Toys

*Disclaimer - Thanks to EduShape for providing the products in this post.

Are you looking for new toys for your little ones?

If there's something I'm always looking for when it comes to our youngest it's new toys to try out with her and see what she enjoys, other than her siblings' toys that are already here at home. 

Well, I came across EduShape and found these two neat types of toys that she absolutely loves, especially the one. She enjoys fun toys that she can carry around the house with her. 

These Toys Are Great for Toddlers

For younger kids, the Linkets Basic is great to show them how to connect links together to make things. This has 12 links in the pack and she has enjoyed playing with these. And the fun thing about this one is that they come in a variety of bright colors too. 

The other toy that we received is the one she and our 3 year old have enjoyed the most, and that's the Fun Z Balls. These are odd shaped balls that bounce and have different textures to them but are fun for toddlers to play with as well. 

Here you'll find our daughter who is 14 months old playing with these Fun Z Balls, and the Linkets as well under them. She enjoys holding and throwing them everywhere with her big brother. They come in bright colors - blue, yellow, and red. 

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