Tips For Dealing with Potty Training Regression

Potty training can be a tricky thing with some kids and it has been with our 3-year-old son.

Our 3-year-old son had been almost potty trained at the very end of my pregnancy with my youngest, and then I took a 3-week break to relax and heal a bit and boom he had no interest. It was frustrating when he was almost done to go back to square one.

Lots of people have said that children regress if you're working with them on potty training and then introduce a new change such as moving or in our case it was a new sibling to the family. It's something that you have to just deal with and handle later when they're ready. 

Tips For Dealing with Potty Training Regression

- Have patience with your child
- Don't yell or make a big deal of it or you could leave your child with a negative association with the potty
- Use treats and rewards when your child is ready again
- Praise your child after going potty each time
- Let your child pick out underwear at the store to show that they're now a big kid

Well, now he's 3 and our youngest is 14 months old so I wanted to get him potty trained so about 3 months ago I started again with potty training and he's been doing great aside from diapers at bedtime and while we're out and about. 

What helped to start again was getting him some "potty treats" when he goes, such as graham crackers, army men, bubbles, etc that I got at Dollar Tree, and while he doesn't go #2 much at all yet when he does he gets a popsicle.

He still takes naps and usually can take a 2 - 3-hour nap without having an accident too, which is great! I love that he can go potty by himself now for the most part and stays dry. 

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