Parent's Choice Formula is an Excellent Choice for New Babies

*Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own. 

Are you searching for the best formula for your baby at a great price? 

As a mother of 4, I know how tough feedings can be for babies. Our older two were our formula fed babies and our oldest had to be on two different formulas - one until he gained weight due to being premature, and then switched to Parent's Choice which was perfect for him and he adjusted well to it. He didn't have any issues when it came to digesting the formula or anything. 

Parent's Choice formula - exclusively available at Walmart. You can also get a $3 rebate that's available through Ibotta app on the 4 SKUs. 

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Parent's Choice has four new Non-GMO formulas which are excellent for babies. 

These Non-GMO formulas are: 

Parent's Choice Infant Non-GMO Formula 
- This is a milk based formula that provides complete nutrition that will help your baby during his or her first year, of 0 - 12 months old and has a blend of nutrients that support your baby's health and brain development. 
- Parent's Choice Infant (nutrition made especially for infants) compare to the nutrition of Enfamil Infant Non-GMO and you can even save yourself up to 50% a year vs Enfamil Infant! 

Some product benefits include: 
- It's Milk-Based Powder Infant Formula with Iron 
- DHA & Chlorine which are nutrients found in Breast Milk 
- NeuroComplete which supports brain development 
The formula features ingredients that are on the minds of healthcare professionals and key to the development of cognitive, motor, communications, and social function. 
- Non-GMO Infant also features nutrients found in breast milk, including: 
DHA and ARA which may support brain and eye development, prebiotics which may help support your baby's immune system and digestive health, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals: Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc which may help aid in immune support, and Lutein, which is an antioxidant found in the eye. 

Parent's Choice Advantage Non-GMO Infant Formula 
- Parent's Choice Advantage is designed to be more like breastmilk. 
- It can compare to the nutrition of Similac Advance Non-GMO 
- You'll be able to see the price difference: Parent's Choice costs up to 50% LESS than the nationally advertised brand! 

Some Product Benefits include: 
- It's made to be more like breast milk, Advantage Non-GMO features a blend of nutrients which may aid in eye development: DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. All three of these nutrients are found in breast milk. 

Parent's Choice Sensitivity Infant Formula 
- Parent's Choice Sensitivity Infant Formula is designed for babies with fussiness and gas because of lactose intolerance 
- Compare Parent's Choice Sensitivity Infant Formula nutrition to Similac Sensitive 

Some product benefits include: 
- Some babies may have a hard time digesting foods containing high amounts of lactose, the carbohydrate (sugar) present in milk. 
- Parent's Choice Sensitivity Infant Formula is a reduced-lactose alternative that still offers your baby the preferred protein source of cow's milk. 

Parent's Choice Gentle Formula 
- It offers complete nutrition and is a partially hydrolyzed formula. - Most babies are fussy or gassy at times. 
- It's a common occurrence for babies whose digestive systems are continuing to develop. But if you suspect that your baby's fussiness or gas doesn't seem quite right, check with your baby's pediatrician. 
- He or she may recommend a milk-based infant formula that has partially broken-down whey protein. 

Product benefits include: 
- The Gentle baby formula is a milk-based reduced lactose formula, with easy to digest proteins, and contains 25% less lactose than standard, milk formula. 
- For fussiness, crying, and gas


  1. My son used Parent Choice formula as a baby. I wasn't allowed to breastfeed due to my renal disease and not wanting to pass on the bacteria in my system to son so I bottled fed. This was the only formula he would eat. He loved it and grew up to be a very healthily teen boy.

  2. The Parent's Choice Sensitivity Formula was a MUST for my twins! We tried the typical ones that the doctors and hospital tell you and they just couldn't handle any of them. So the Sensitivity Formula saved money and their little tummies!

  3. We used this a few times when Liam was a baby! Its a great choice for everyone!

  4. It's great that there are non-GMO formulas available, I did't know that. I'll have to share this post with my friends who have kids.

  5. I've heard it's wonderful and affordable. I haven't needed formula for years (sob) but it's nice to know in case it comes up again. You never know! I know Lutein is super important.

  6. I wish formula had been affordable when I had babies! It was SO expensive!This is great for new parents these days.

  7. Love your information. I think when moms aren't breastfeeding they need to read up on formulas and choose what is best for their kid(s) and not only shop by cheapest price.

  8. We used a TON of Parent's Choice products when our girls were babies. Would certainly recommend them!

  9. remember how expensive baby formula was when my boys were born. Alternatives like this that were kinder on the wallet would have been nice to see.

  10. I remember how expensive baby formula was when my boys were born. alternatives that were kinder on the wallet like this would have been nice to see.

  11. I don't remember this brand being around when my kids were newborns but it sounds perfect. It's good to know there's a great option out there!

  12. I'm currently weaning my 1-year old so I don't think I need formula, but my sister doesn't think she'll make it nursing much longer and I didn't know what to tell her to get. Good thing I read this!

  13. It is wonderful to see how many options that Parent's choice has in making the right decison for your child. what a great giveaway for those with little ones.

  14. It is so great o hear all the options that Parent's choice has when feeding a baby. I will have to let my expecting friends know. What a great giveaway too.

  15. This sounds like a really great formula. I don’t think it was around when my two were little otherwise I’d definitely have given it a try :)

    Louise x

  16. It's much more affordable than the brand am using. My baby started with the brand the hospital gave so I just continued with that, but i wish I had made the switch. I have only a month left until he is 1 anyways, I now know for the next child.

  17. I've heard amazing things about Parent's Choice formula. I am currently breastfeeding but think if we ever needed formula for whatever reason, this would be our choice! - Jeanine

  18. Formula is so expensive and this seems like a great option for the kiddos! I'm pregnant with twins and am worried I will not have enough milk to feed them all of the time... so I will keep this in mind.

  19. Such a great value! Especially those first few months when baby eat so much! Can only imagine how expensive it can get when you have more than one.

  20. My sister in law is a new mom so I will definitely share this information with her. I love that it’s more economical.

  21. Parent’s Choice has done a lot to prove they are as good as the name brand! It’s great that there’s an affordable option for parents who need to formula feed.