Babies will Love Baby Magic Products!

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Baby Magic

Are you looking for some great quality baby bath products?

Our younger two use Baby Magic lotions often, so this was awesome when I heard that I could work with Baby Magic! They are my favorite baby products for bath time, as well as baby lotions as well. Their products have never caused any reactions in a negative way. My favorite lotion for our kids as babies until around age 3 is definitely the calming baby lotion and baby bath, which is the purple ones. 

Baby Magic's Original Hair & Body Wash is a perfect hypoallergenic product for both baby and mom’s sensitive skin! This wash can be used to bathe a little one and also as a gentle makeup remover. Plus it’s also tear-free and perfect for taking off stubborn mascara!

To keep your skin hydrated, Baby Magic’s Creamy Baby Oil is an amazing product to use after shaving! This Creamy Oil soothes and moisturizes skin and will give skin a beautiful glow.

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