StarPath Dolls are a Great Friend for Girls to Have

*Disclaimer - Thank you to StarPath Dolls for the product in this post.

Are you looking for a good doll for your daughter or family member?

Our oldest daughter is nine and loves to play with dolls and has been wanting one, but I couldn't find one that was a good fit that I thought she would like best. That's until I found StarPath Dolls . These StarPath Dolls make for a great birthday or Christmas gift for girls of all ages to play with and enjoy company from.

The one that I received is named Morning Star and is an 18.5" doll and comes with a personalized e-book. She enjoyed the story that was inside of that personalized e-book. 

She loves this doll and has her in her baby crib that has all of her other dolls in it and has her new StarPath doll in there as well. This beautiful doll's name is Morning Star and I love the outfit that she comes with, and the little pink purse too! You can see her pretty shoes below. She knows that she needs to take good care of her new doll and that she is special and can be shared with her sister as she gets older.

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