Knee Injury Due to a Car Accident in Nov. 2011

*Pictures shared in this post were taken by my family of our vehicle and me at the hospital and after.

I haven't ever shared on here, but in November 2011, I was involved in a bad car accident that broke my kneecap.

Yes, this is from 2011 that this occurred but I thought I would share it with my readers anyway. And yes, we had our seatbelts on but I lost control on wet road conditions and wrecked. 

My dad met me on the scene soon after it happened and got our kids, and my husband met us at the hospital to get kids / stay with me. Thank goodness, our kids were 100% unharmed! There was glass shattered everywhere, but no cuts or bruises. 

Of course, they were worried for mommy but I was fine thankfully. Our kids are my whole world and this was by far THE scariest thing I have been through in my whole time of being a mom. 

I ended up somehow landing in the backseat of our then van as if an angel or force pushed me back. If not, I likely would have died due to the impact. I did have a crushed kneecap which I had to have emergency surgery on within hours of getting to the hospital. 

I had to wear an immobile brace so that I could not move my knee at all for some time. 

I use to run in 5k races for the Marine Mud Run, but that stopped after my surgery because I am no longer able to run as well as I could before by far and when I do run or jog, my knee gets sore sometimes.

This one was during physical therapy within a month or so of having my surgery. I had to use ice for awhile before going home to help with the stress of the therapy for the hour each time I went for PT.

In the picture below, you can see the steering wheel, and that's I think what crushed my kneecap and broke it. The surgery put the kneecap back into place and back together again. It was my only injury from the wreck somehow. 

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