Introducing Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 Products

*Thank you Spin Master for sending the products in this post. 

Are your kids into Hatchimals? Then, they'll LOVE CollEGGtibles!!!

If you have a daughter, she has likely told you ALL about Hatchimals by now and also CollEGGtibles. Well, Spin Master came out with the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 products and let me tell you - our daughter is 9 and LOVES them!

I'm including a picture of each set of the products first and then show you what the ones we opened up had in them! I hope you and your kids will enjoy these at your home too. The CollEGGtibles, unlike the bigger size Hatchimals are small hatched animals that kids can play with. Just keep them out of reach of kids under 3 years old as they're pretty small in size. 

What we received - I'll share with you below the pictures of each set of the products separately and then share what the CollEGGtibles hatched as well from each one too!

Single Packs

Four Packs + Bonus

One Dozen Egg Cartons

Here are the Two Pack + Nest that we received

Two Pack Egg Cartons

We received quite a bit of these amazing Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 products and she is so excited! We opened one pack of each of the different ones, so far. These are so fun to open up and see which ones are in them. 

Here's the 2 pack egg carton CollEGGtibles! The top clamps into place to close.

This one was a CollEGGtible that came with a nest!

Here are the ones she opened that were in the one dozen egg carton! Aren't they cute?? I absolutely LOVE these new ones with season 2 and she does too. This one was fun to go through and open each one, it just took a bit to get them all hatched! It clamps closed too. 

She mentioned how fun they are with the different faces they make with winking and such and just the different types of animals that the new season includes in their set too. She's enjoyed this set a good bit.

Enjoy our unboxing of the Season 2 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles below:


  1. Thankfully my one year old is not into these yet but I see them everywhere! They seem fun!

  2. These are very cute! I have a niece who would love them. Tiny things are really in these days.

  3. Hatchimals are so cool. They are everywhere and kids love them. I know they're a super cute gift idea for kids of all ages. I have watched videos on them, I find them very cool.

  4. My son needs a new interest. This looks like something he'd love to play with.

  5. How much fun are these! I can see why kids love them-- I might need to get a few!

  6. My kids love Hatchimals! Part of the fun is collecting and exploring their collections with friends. I know they'll love adding these to the mix.