Babies Will Love the Close to Me Baby Bouncer Luxe

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Tiny Love

Are you looking for a neat baby bouncer for your little one to use?

Having four kids I know how important being able to get things done is while the baby is napping or just content for a little bit while within arm's reach. Well, that's why this 3 in 1 Close to Me Baby Bouncer Luxe is the one to buy for your home. It's space saving in my opinion as it's very convenient to have. 

A friend of mine is due in June and I got this one for her to have at her home for her little boy to use and enjoy. I love the different stages of this bouncer and have not seen one like this before. 

I've had a basic bouncer before, but this one is way different, it's adjustable from the ground up to table level! It's a really neat concept and I hope that the mom loves it and gets a good bit of use from it. It even has a few toys attached to it so baby can play when awake.

There are also different buttons on it that allow for you to turn on calming vibrations, as well as up to 25 minutes of soothing or playful music for baby to listen to or fall asleep listening to. 

I wish I would have known about this type of baby bouncer when I had my youngest last year. We love the Tiny Love brand and have several of their products in our house from when our kids were babies. 

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