Roseanne Revival Trailer 2018

I know, I know - if you grew up in the 90's you're very likely just as excited as I am for the new Roseanne Reboot to premiere on ABC on March 27, at 8/7c!!! 

Here's the original cast that'll be on the Roseanne revival show, and YES that's both actresses who play Becky. 

I've been a huge Roseanne show fan for many years and have been hoping deep inside that they would put together a revival show for their fans, and they HAVE and it'll be on ABC on March 27! I've been so excited since finding out that Roseanne is coming back. 

For now, it'll only be 9 new episodes, but I along with many others are hoping that they'll renew for more seasons. They need to bring it back for more seasons and give America some good laughs on television.

Thankfully for those of us who don't have cable TV, if you have Hulu like we do, you'll be able to watch it on there on March 28 and I cannot wait!!! Roseanne is hilarious and admit it - we ALL want to know why Dan who was thought to be dead is now alive!!!! 

Enjoy the Official Roseanne Trailer 2018:

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