Rocketship Education Will Beat Failing Public Education

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Rocketship Education Will Beat Failing Public Education
A big problem in the educational system of the United States is the fact that low-income individuals are put into horrid schools just because of their zip code. This is why diligent parents are now turning to alternative means to educate their children, including Rocketship Education.

There are many situations in which children can end up in the dregs of the educational system. This includes being in a low-income immigrant family or being flushed out because of a natural disaster. In any case, Rocketship Education has been providing opportunities that did not originally exist thanks to the free market.

The organization has also been helping low-income families by providing a financial safety net for those that have been affected by disasters. For example, over $60,000 was provided for 30 families that were devastated by the flood in San Jose, California.

Giving Power Back to the Parents
Considering that the United States has some of the most under-performing schools in the developed world, parents are wanting to rescind the control of their children's studies. This is why charter schools and private schools are keeping parents more involved with children's education. There is now a fine line between homeschooling and charter schooling thanks to innovations by organizations like Rocketship Education.

Parents are now in control of Rocketship's educational policies, including their ethical codes and enrichment programs. Parents are invited to contribute to the children's education through these enrichment programs, which includes art, STEM, homework and other extracurricular programs.

Considering that wealthy schools always outperform schools for poor school districts, charter education is a way to break free from the oppressive system. Results show that test scores greatly exceed peers from public schools, including some wealthier ones. The student retention is also high at above 90%, which is a blessing for many poverty-stricken neighborhoods in the country.

Who is Rocketship Education?

How do Employees like working at Rocketship Education?
Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization that may have up to 1,000 employees at time. Taking a look at their Glassdoor profile, you will see that the majority of employees approve of the current CEO. Within the reviews, many employees appear to be happy to be a part of such a progressive organization. The working environment is unlike traditional schools, which is a breath of fresh air for most teachers and team members.

What is Rocketship Education?
Rocketship Education is one of the few organizations that are trying to change the education system of the United States. Instead of being fueled by profit, corruption, or petty politics, the organization aims to actually improve the educational situation to be on-par with other developed nations.

There are more schools being opened up in various parts of the country. One recent opening includes the Northside of Milwaukee, which had desperately needed a change within the school district. In addition, these schools prioritize the quality of teachers and administrative staff instead of hiring to fill quotas or to retain tenured teachers that deserve to be fired.

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