Little Ones will Love Sassy Baby Products

*Disclaimer - Thanks to Sassy Baby Products for the products in this post.

Are you looking for the perfect toys and cups for your little one?

If you're looking for baby toys and a good starter sippy cup, look no further because Sassy Baby Products is the brand to go with! With having four kids, we have bought many Sassy toys for our kids. 

A good friend of mine is expecting a baby girl in June so I wanted to help with baby toys that she can enjoy early on. These are fun, cute, and great baby toys any baby would enjoy playing with / holding. 

I love it when brands think of toys that will be good for small babies, not just older babies to play with and grow into using.

Some of these toys are for hooking onto a stroller or infant carseat, some are rattles, and some are teething toys. All are very good for early development for babies and fun for them to play with as they grow.

The toys in this post can be purchased / found below:
Ring Rattle for 0 - 24 months

Ring o' Links  for 0 - 24 months

Phone of my Own for 6 - 24 months

Flip & Grip Rattles  for 0 - 24 months

Teething Tail Fish for 3 - 24 months

Flutterby Teether  for 3 - 24 months

Jitterbug for 0 - 24 months 

Go-Go Bugs  for 0 - 12 months

9 oz 360 Grow Up Cup  for 6+ months

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