Get Your Child's Glasses from Glasses USA

*Disclaimer - Thank you to Glasses USA for the product in this post. All opinions are my own.

Are you looking for a good kids glasses brand?

Our oldest son misplaced his glasses he was given by his eye doctor and we needed a pair of good glasses immediately and I am so glad that I found Glasses USA and saw that they sell kids glasses. They have great customer service and are quick to ship the glasses to you too! 

He needs glasses for reading, homework, and watching TV so basically just for the school day and when his TV is on. I initially thought that they might fit a little tight because the frames looked small, but once he got home from school and tried them on it was great. 

They fit him perfectly. He's worn them to school and even said people have told them they like his glasses. You can find the Lil Eddie  glasses that he got and just add to cart with your child's prescription information and be ready to go!

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