Loreal Paris has the Makeup I Love for Attending #CAS18

*Thanks to Loreal Paris for sending me the makeup in this post to style while I'm at the Chicago Auto Show Feb. 7 - 9 (all expenses paid thanks to Nissan).

I am heading on my first press trip on February 7 and was able to get some awesome makeup to wear for the event, thanks to Loreal Paris!

Loreal Paris has always been a brand that I love for makeup and other products as well, so I was thrilled to find out I could work with them to style some of their makeup at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show '18 that I'm attending thanks to Nissan, from Feb. 7 - 9! 

I wanted to do my post for Loreal Paris now, so you could see the makeup up close on me prior to the event.  I'll be doing a few posts once I'm back for the show, so keep an eye out as I'll be wearing the makeup there!

I absolutely love the shades of blue eyeshadow I was sent. You can buy the Colour Riche Eyeshadow Pocket Palette here! They're very pretty and bright. You can find the Infallible Metallic Eyeshadow in 406 Violet Luster, here! The dark purple was a little too dark for me, but I still like it. You can get the Purple Priority eyeshadow, here! Eyeshadows are fun to match with outfits too, so it'll be nice to see which one I choose for which days. 

The lipsticks I received are great. You can buy the Colour Riche Shine Lipstick in Glossy Fawn here! The other color that I received is the Colour Riche Shine Lipstick in Shining Peach, you can find here! I love the convenience of the casing it is in, and the way the lipstick is shaped makes it a lot easier to apply to lips for wearing too. 

Here, I am wearing some eye shadows in several shades of blue and one is dark purple, from Loreal Paris.

Here I'm wearing two shades of lipstick that Loreal Paris sent to me:

Here's the lighter of the two lipsticks in this picture:

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