Hulu is the Way to Watch TV Shows!

*This post has an affiliate link and I will receive a gift card for every person that signs up. Must be a new member or a returning customer. 

I had not known what exactly Hulu had to offer within their subscription until I went to their website and Roku app in late November and found this! 

You can sign up on their website for your FREE 30 day subsciption   which I love, and then after that it'll be $7.99 / month! 

The thing about Hulu I like the most is that it has the shows that another subscription use to have and now each time the new season's episode is on TV, it will be available on Hulu the next day!

We had been enjoying Curious George and then all but the movies were removed from the other subscription I had, and now we can watch all of the seasons, because it moved Curious George to Hulu! And, of course I have a very happy toddler because of it. He loves to watch George and Hundley.

And, guess what one show I found that you can't find anywhere else????


Yes, the show I grew up watching YEARS ago is back and is on Hulu with all of the seasons. Our daughter loves the show and enjoys it as much as I did and still do. Fun times. Uncle Jessie and the gang, you're right! 

I mainly had signed up for Hulu because I found out that they had Law and Order: Special Victims Unit season 19 and uploaded new episodes each week, so I didn't have to watch it online anymore! So, I have been enjoying catching up on my favorite show. 

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