Tangled: The Series Queen for a Day DIY Painting & Hairstyle

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Are you excited about Tangled: The Series Queen for a Day?

In honor of the Tangled: The Series Queen for a Day coming to DVD yesterday, December 12 we got to do a fun DIY of ornaments hanging, a drawing of Rapunzel, as well as a fun hairstyle for our 9 year old daughter. I got a cute tiara for her to wear in the theme of Tangled.

I drew the ornaments below and colored them in. This was fun to do!

About the series:
The fate or Corona hangs in the balance when Rapunzel faces the ultimate test in "Queen for a Day."

When the King and Queen leave town, Rapunzel is set to lead. However, when a blizzard threatens to destroy Corona, the Princess is faced with some tough decisions.

Our oldest son helped me with the drawing below that we wanted to do of Rapunzel looking through a window at the stars. He did the drawing and I filled it in. I think it turned out pretty well. He does so well with art, I wouldn't be surprised if he's an artist later in life!

A Fun Hairstyle of Tangled with our Daughter:

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