Thanksgiving is Over and Our Christmas Tree is Up

Usually, we wait until early to mid December to put a Christmas tree up in our house but this year I was able to get us a beautiful pre-lit tree that our family loves! 

I love how my sister who use to work at Hallmark got our kids and I some Hallmark ornaments, so of course we have some Disney, neice, and nephew ornaments to add to our tree every year! 

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?

Over the past two years or so, we have gotten a real tree which means it's fresh and we'd like to keep it that way until Christmas, but this year I was able to get us a 7.5 pre-lit tree, so we didn't have to wait!

Our kids did the majority of the decorating and my husband helped our oldest son get the angel on the top of this year's tree, on Thanksgiving night. We never put the tree, fake or not up so early but I have been excited to get it up for weeks now! 

And also, of course we have Jake and the Neverland Pirates ornament for our oldest from my sister too! And, I got our oldest who is in his Weeblos 1 year of cub scouts an ornament a year or two ago to add to the tree as well. He loves it and our daughter who is a girl scout (2nd year Brownie) wants me to find her a girl scout ornament, so I have to look for one to add to next year's tree!

Our kids have had a fun time helping do the majority of decorating and it's been kind of tough keeping our toddler away from the breakable ornaments, but so far only two have broke; one was from him and the other was from our oldest.


  1. so pretty. We put up our tree a couple days ago.

  2. We decorated a bit early this year as well. Your tree is lovely!

  3. The Hallmark ornaments are all so cute. We don't have our tree up yet, but we're hoping to do it very soon!

  4. Your tree looks beautiful and those ornaments are adorable! We have our tree up with lights but no ornaments as of yet. I've been really busy and I know my kids will rip them down so there's no real rush right now. lol

  5. We also do a fake tree which I think makes it easier. We will be decorating this weekend and the kids can't wait. I love your ornaments! Ours all have to be silver or red or have those colors in them.