NEW on Netflix: Happy 20th Birthday AIR BUD

Air Bud is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the original AIR BUD movie, by debuting the company’s newest film on NETFLIX! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? 

Our family loves Air Bud and the other movies with it, so I know we will all enjoy the Pup Star movie they are coming out with too!

 YES, it’s been 20 years since ‘Buddy’ the Golden Retriever taught the world that dogs can shoot basketballs, and Air Bud Entertainment is going strong, creating family movies that continue to be popular for the whole family, including their latest, Pup Star: Better 2gether - featuring a tiny Yorkie pup named ‘Tiny’ who can talk and sing! 

 Check out the Pup Star: Better 2gether trailer:


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  1. Air Bud is a good movie. I cant believe its been 2o years. The new movie looks cute.