Get Your Home Clean and Organized This Weekend

Get Your Home Clean and Organized This Weekend

This is the weekend to do the cleaning. At least that’s what you say every Thursday, then spend the weekend doing something far more enjoyable. Hey, no one can blame you, but the facts remain facts – you still need to get your house nice and clean. Maybe you just don’t where to start with so much to do, but there are some simple ways to organize and clean your home during the weekend that won’t take up too much of your time.

Get In Your Closet

One of the places in your entire house that contains the most stuff you don’t need is your closet. This weekend dive into it head first, get everything out and then categorize what you truly need and wear and what only sits around gathering dust. Be merciless with yourself in order to organize your clothing better – no you don’t need a sway jacket that is 5+ years old, and no, you don’t need fifteen pairs of socks that have several holes in them. Priorities, people! You need clothes that are wearable and look good on you, everything else is out.
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You Don’t Need So Many Knickknacks!

We’re all hoarders to some extent, we drag into our home all kinds of stuff we simply don’t use, so things just lay around, getting in our way when we look for something we need urgently. This weekend, put a stop on it. Arm yourself with patience and go from one room to another (bathroom and kitchen included) and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Guaranteed that you will find things you don’t even use anymore, so they just sit there taking up spaces. This is about more than just Fang Shui, having a cluttered home means having a cluttered life. Besides, when you’ve got fewer things you’re not using, you’ve got less to clean, so it’s a win-win situation.

“Chairdrobe” Is a Goner

Many people have a nasty habit of leaving the clothes they wore previous day just hang on the chairs around the house. If this gets out of hand, your home will look incredibly messy in no time, and soon, chairs will have weekday names, for you to “sort out” your clothes. That’s why this weekend chairdrobe is a goner. Get through your things, sort them out, decide what goes to the hamper, and what can go back into your already organized closet. This is tedious work and if you want to avoid doing it in huge lumps on weekends, simply put them in their designated place as you take them off.

Cook and Clean

You still have to eat while you’re cleaning your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some work while the dinner is getting ready. Clear out your countertops, do a load of dishes and clean the dishwasher after it, wipe your kitchen appliances and you can even scrub your kitchen sink clean. Multitasking is an amazing skill when done right, and since you’re already in the kitchen preparing a meal, why not use the time to organize and clean the cupboards as well. After all, if you do it now, you’ll have some peace of mind during the week, when you just want to relax or hang out with your friends.

You don’t have to spend an entire weekend cleaning your house, in fact, you shouldn’t. Start with these tasks and they will give you an idea of everything else that needs to be done in your home, so that you can do those chores as you go. If you’re in a bit of hurry and don’t have to the time to get everything in order, turn to house cleaning London services, there’s no shame in asking help when you need it. Happy cleaning!

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  1. No one likes to clean but of course it has to get done. Thanks for these tips.