Celebrate Christmas with Personalized Books from I See Me

*Thanks to I See Me for sending the books in this post. All opinions are my own.

Are you looking for a fun gift for a child in your family?

We love books in our house, especially the ones that are able to be personalized for our kids and ones that help celebrate a first Christmas! This year, I received one for our toddler as well as one for our baby who is almost 7 months old so it'll be her first Christmas of course! 

These are both great books and are fun for kids to read through seeing their names in the books, and in some books they even let you have their picture(s) in them! How fun is that? Our kids have several books made just for them, from I See Me and yes of course we keep them all! 

These books can be found on their website!! I See Me has so many different books to choose from, whether you'd like it for Christmas or another holiday, or just because. So, be sure to check out their website and see what you'd like!

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