WowWee Chippies Interactive Pets with Remote Control is a Big Hit

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from WowWee, in order to facilitate this review for my readers. This post contains an affiliate link.

Are you looking for a fun interactive toy for your kids for Christmas?

I was going to have this aside for Christmas for our oldest son who is 9 1/2, but they found it on the table before I was able to put it up so they have been playing with it constantly. This is one of the coolest interactive toys. WowWee has so many different toys to choose from.

It's a really neat interactive puppy and its eyes light up! It's pretty cool to see it walk around in the dark, just make sure that you have a clear path for it. It has different buttons that will allow the Chippie to do different things; such as: dang, sing, chase its tail, and tell it which way to roll.

Chippies also react to being pet on the head and shows these reactions: sniffs, barks, kisses, and sneezes! This is going to be a HOT toy for Christmas 2017 I'm sure! Be sure to order one for your child below if you want this for them as a gift.

It's known as Chippies interactive pets with remote control, and it can be purchased HERE for just $39.99! Our older two kids have had a lot of fun playing with this Chippie puppy, called Chipper. 

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