Getting the Best Night's Sleep with a Nectar Sleep Full Size Mattress

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post as part of Fresh Press Media from Nectar Sleep, in order to facilitate this unboxing video and review for my readers. This post has an affiliate link in it.

Do you need a new mattress but aren't sure where to look?

Hi everyone! I am so excited about this post and showing you our toddler's new full size mattress for his bottom bunk. Nectar Sleep has such amazing mattresses to choose from and it's no surprise that the mattress is extremely comfortable and soft to lay on.

You can buy your own mattress from Nectar Sleep right HERE!

When I received the mattress from Nectar Sleep, it came in a big bag that thankfully has a way to pull it up the stairs, it's just a bit heavy depending on the size of mattress you choose to buy.

We needed to replace our toddler's full size mattress and I was / am absolutely thrilled to work with Nectar Sleep through this campaign. He is enjoying his new mattress and puts his stuffed animals and pillow on the bed with him sometimes. He sits on the bed to watch their TV too, for movies.

The full size mattress is a very nice one and he seems to love it so far to sleep on. I was really surprised and excited to find that he got two pillows with the mattress! So, he and our oldest son now have new pillows. I love that the pillows are firm yet very comfortable to lay on. 

I pulled the bag with the full size mattress up the stairs in our house to our sons' room, cut out the bagging that was inside of it plastic wise, and unboxed the mattress! Its shipping weight was about 68 lbs, but remember that is the size for the full size mattress, not other ones.

As part of this post, I was asked to do an Unboxing Video, which I chose to do on Facebook Live that you can watch below!

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