Fall is Here in Pennsylvania

I love fall when it's not too chilly, yet the leaves are changing colors and falling. We headed to the park while my husband and oldest son are at cub scout camp for the day. 

Do you enjoy the leaves changing color in fall?

I'm surprised at how much the trees have changed when it comes to the color so quickly this fall so far. It was a little chilly out, so everyone had long sleeves on and we walked to the park before ten o' clock this morning. 

They had a fun time playing and running around, while I took pictures and hung out with our youngest. This is the view of the river before we get to the park. 

I love looking to see if there are ducks or geese out in the water, because in the spring and summer months there sure are. It's a very peaceful park to go to and walk around the track.

Fall is a nice time of the year for sure to get in your car and take your family for a nice long drive around to look at the leaves that have changed color, as well as look for deer and elk in the field. That's always a fun thing to do as a family when it starts to cool off outside. 

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