Enjoy a Delicious Drink with Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Ninja in order to facilitate this review for my readers. This post contains an affiliate link. This means I earn a small commission from your purchases, at no additional expense to you.

Are you looking for a nice kitchen system?

I absolutely love working with Ninja and this new product is going to be a huge hit for anyone who buys it! The new system by Ninja is called Intelli-Sense Kitchen System.

The awesome thing about this Intelli-Sense Kitchen System by Ninja is that it has SO MANY options to choose from on what you want to make and use it for. I would want to try out the snow cone option first if it was me!!! I LOVE snow cones and our kids do too, so many different flavors and options that you can create. The possibilities are endless with this system!

Let me give you some examples of what is right in the front of the blender part for this:
- Smoothie
- Ice Cream
- Frozen Drink
- Snow Cone

The other attachments that come with this system are as follows:
- 8 Cup Precision Processor which would be great for making so many things, but peanut butter comes to the top of my mind, as well as cookie dough, and much more. It comes with a dough blade assembly of course. 
- 24 Ounce Single Serve Cup with a spout lid and you can use this single serve cup to make a smoothie or whatever you'd like to as well.
- 72 Ounce Total Crushing Pitcher with Stacked Blade Assembly - This is where you will make the options that I mentioned above and it comes with a lid too. It has a 64 ounce max liquid capacity. 
- Pro Extractor Blade Assembly
- Quick Start Guide
- Precision Processing Blade Assembly
- Instruction Book
- 75 Recipe Cookbook

Right there, gives you so many different ideas on what you want to make for you or your family first, doesn't it? She is absolutely loving this kitchen system already and cannot wait to use everything it came with, to make even more selections of foods, dressings, tossed salad, and more!

I decided that I'd share this system I got, with our close neighbor friends and she absolutely LOVES it so far. She made a pub milkshake, as well as an orange sherbet smoothie! Talk about delicious. You have endless choices of what type of smoothies you can make in this!


  1. My little food processor is just about dead! I totally need new one. I plan to look into a Ninja because I keep reading great things about the brand.

  2. We LOVE our ninja! Its so helpful for smoothies and I feel like they taste better with it!

  3. I love my ninja coffee maker. This blender looks really versatile and useful too.

  4. Oh my, we have a Ninja, but nothing as fancy as this! I'm having serious kitchen envy right now!

  5. I have a little Ninja and love it! The inteli sense set looks great. I might need to grab one.

  6. I keep seeing this Ninja, and I must have it. So glad you shared it so I was reminded that I need to go buy one asap!

  7. I know several people that have one of the Ninja blenders and they love it. I have their cooking system and it's a great product.

  8. Wow! So many delicious drinks! It can even make ice cream? That is absolutely amazing!!

  9. Omg I have always wanted a Ninja!!!! With all the cooking I do, it would definitely get used a lot!!