Sad News: Our Mama Cat Kelalah Died Last Week

As you know, I had previously blogged about back in 2014 our female cat having surprise kittens.  The below picture is old too, so about 2014 - 2015 of her.

Last Monday was terrible from the start, literally. At 6:30am or so, our older two kids asked where Kelalah was because they couldn't find her. I said I had no clue because I saw her the previous night before I went to bed. 

Well, we looked and then they had to get on the bus, so I told them I would keep looking until they got back and I found her. 

I had a really bad feeling something was very wrong because I called, yelled her name, shook cat treats and food and NOTHING. She always came running to the sound of treats being shaken, but not last Monday. 

I literally looked off and on as long as I could for about two hours for her and was about to give up and think she got out, but something looked strange from under the living room table, and I was terrified to look more. I put my hand on what I was positive was our cat and nothing. She always would move really fast if you did that. 

I had called my dad who couldn't do much as he's 8 hours away from us, but he said to use my phone's flashlight and see if she was moving. I did that and no, I saw no moving. I was so upset I was shaking. Thankfully our kids weren't home for another few hours later so I had some time to compose myself. 

I put a blanket by her because I don't do well with pets dying and was sure that was what happened, and I texted my husband about it. He couldn't leave work early so he said he'd help me once he got home, and he would bury her the next day on his way to work (family friend's farm - was suppose to be at in laws camp like the cat's brother, but I dealt with it).

Well, she was 4 and passed away VERY unexpectedly last Monday morning. We have no clue what happened or why she died. She seemed fine the night before and acted fine. I feel terrible for her two kittens who are Fluffy and Buttercup, that are now 3 years old. They don't have their mom or buddy to play with anymore, but nothing I can do about it.

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  1. So sorry about the lost of your family fur baby. I know it can be difficult getting over a loss of an animal that you loved dearly, but having her kids around will lessen the loss and everything and everyone will be ok.