Have Fun this Halloween with a DIY Mickey Mouse Halloween Treat Bag

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card to purchase the product in this post.

Are your kids excited for Halloween?

I was part of a fun campaign that involved me being able to buy an adorable Mickey Mouse bucket that I am using for Halloween for our two year old, but today it's for our DIY Mickey Mouse Halloween Treat Bag. This was fun to do with our two year old son and  he loves Mickey Mouse. He was so excited to help me put these items in his basket. 

What goodies do you like to put in a Halloween basket?

Well, right now what we have at the house is some flavored water and some delicious blueberry cluster mix. So, that's what our treat bag consisted of for this project. Usually, I include some Reese's cups, Hershey bars, and some Rolos. Candy isn't all that Halloween can consist of; lots of people pass out chips, water, popsicles and more. 

Choose your own snacks and goodies, and make your own DIY Mickey Mouse Halloween Treat Bag, for your child. All you need is a bucket, whether it's Mickey Mouse on the side of it or you put Mickey Mouse stickers on it, and your favorite snacks or candies for Halloween.

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