6 Month Follow Up on the Lenovo Yoga 710 11.6" Convertible Laptop

*Thanks Lenovo for the product in this post I received in March. 

As promised, I am doing a 6 month follow up review on the Yoga 710 Convertible Laptop.

The main use of this Yoga 710 11.6" has been allowing our older two kids to use it for playing games and typing on. I love the feature it has that stands out the most to you when you first use it if you'd like to have it as a tablet would be used. 

The one thing that stands out when I think of this laptop and others, is the sizing of this Yoga 710 11.6" Convertible laptop. It's convenient to be able to take just about anywhere really. It's easier to deal with a smaller screen than it is to lug around a big computer everywhere you maybe traveling. 

We like to play a card game that is best played when you have the touch screen feature in use. I have used it myself a good bit as well, but decided to let our kids use it more for games and typing they like to do for school and notes, and what not.

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