The Lion King Coming to Blu-Ray on August 29 & a Fun Craft for Kids

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card to purchase the products needed for the craft in this post and the movie, in order to facilitate this post and review for my readers.

Do you love The Lion King as much as I do??

The Lion King is a Disney original classic and is coming to blu-ray / DVD combo pack on August 29! This is the signature collection and will include quite a bit more extras and awesome additions like that. 

I am so excited to be able to work with them on a post for Signature Collection, of The Lion King. I have always LOVED The Lion King from Disney. 

We had the opportunity to do a fun craft, well two crafts with our oldest son as our daughter wasn't home to help. The one craft, I found a printable online so I printed it of Pumba, and we cut around the dotted lines, and added glue and a jumbo popsicle stick to the back of it.

We received a gift card, so I bought a set of paper plates, glitter glue, and jumbo popsicle sticks to help do this project for this post. They arrived early which was perfect so that I could get the 

Here's the end of the craft for the second thing that we did for this post. He colored the outer part of the paper plate with an orange crayon, drew in a nose, ears, and mouth for the lion, and then colored in the middle of the plate for the fur. We used the silver glitter glue to do lines where we cut along the outside of the plate for the mane, as well as the lion's eyes.

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