Have a Healthy Snack for Back to School with GoGo SqueeZ

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from GoGo SqueeZ in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for a good snack for your kids for school lunches?

Our kids are always looking and wanting new snacks of all types, so when I found out that I could work with GoGo SqueeZ, I was very excited. I let it be a surprise for our kids so they'd be excited to see them in the fridge! We were sent quite a bit as you can see, and they fill up the fridge drawer very nicely too as you can fit several packages of these in there.

Last school year, they went through quite a few of these GoGo SqueeZ pouches, just some other flavors. Our toddler also loves these so he has had several with meals. These pouches come in many types of flavors and some are a mixture of 2 - 3 flavors in one. 

They make for a great snack on the go, whether in the car or for school lunches. Our kids don't pack their lunch very often at school but when they do, they request GoGo SqueeZ pouches, and of course during the summer months too! They make these in so many different flavors to choose from. Buy a lot and they will last a good while, especially if you limit your children to one or two pouches per day. These are quite healthy too, so that is a plus.

Be sure to stock up on these GoGo SqueeZ snack pouches! They are great for kids of all ages, even toddlers! Our son is two and absolutely loves these. His favorite flavor is the blueberry Yogurtz pouches. He devours those when I put him in the booster seat to have his lunch. 

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