Get Caillou: Things that Go Now on DVD

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Are you looking for a cute kids movie?

Our two year old loves Caillou movies and this one is a big hit too. He enjoyed this one and laughed! I enjoy Caillou's DVDs as well.

Information about the DVD and each episode:
In these adventures, viewers will join Caillou on his first plane ride and as he explores, and helps steer, a big sailboat. In the new DVD, Caillou also takes the subway with his mother, watches a big bulldozer at a construction site, and rides the school bus for the first time.

“Caillou Flies on a Plane”
It’s Caillou’s first flight and he’s curious about everything. He loves looking out the window at the ground below; he likes playing with the music system; breakfast on a plane is an adventure in itself and when the pilot invites him to visit the flight deck with Daddy that’s the best of all!

“Caillou’s School Bus“
Caillou doesn’t go to school yet but he really wants to ride on the school bus that stops outside his house every morning. When Dad takes him to see the bus close up, the driver offers to take Caillou with the other children the next day. Caillou makes a special painting for the driver and they have a marvelous ride.

“Caillou Learns to Drive”
Just like his Daddy, Caillou loves anything to do with cars, so he’s very happy when Dad asks him to help wash the family car. And while he sits in the car, he imagines he’s driving a car to the beach. When he beeps the horn, he surprises Dad, making him accidentally turn the hose on himself. Later on, when the family really goes for a drive to the beach, Caillou is reminded of his imaginary journey.

“Caillou Goes to the Car Wash”   
Caillou, Dad, and Rosie take the car to the car wash. It’s Rosie's first time and she is a bit scared. But Caillou reassures her by explaining everything to her.

“Caillou’s Test Drive”
When their car breaks down, the family goes shopping for a new one. Caillou has never seen so many shiny cars and especially likes the one with ‘no roof’ that they go for a ride in. In the end, Mom and Dad decide to fix up their car, which makes Caillou happy.
“The Big Boat!”
Caillou and family go on a trip on Helen’s boat, an old friend of Mom’s. Caillou is surprised to find there’s a whole house packed into the boat. Caillou learns about wind and sails, and even gets to steer the boat too!

“Trip on the Subway”
Caillou learns to deal with a change in plans when Daddy has to use the car and Mommy and Caillou have to take the subway. Caillou learns a change in plans can be fun, checking out the map, getting tickets, and listening to the musicians! In fact he has so much fun, he and Mom decide to take the subway home!

“Caillou and the Bulldozer”
On an autumn day, Caillou and his Mommy take a walk and pass by a construction site. Caillou loves to watch the big bulldozer and starts to pretend he is one too. Back home, not everyone likes Bulldozer-Caillou as he chases Gilbert with his dust pan/bulldozer shovel and destroys Rosie’s block tower. Caillou helps Rosie build a new tower and finally finds a perfect job for a bulldozer: bulldozing the leaves with Dad in the backyard.

“As Good as New”
Caillou learns about ‘recycling’ – literally! When Caillou gets an eyeful of Leo’s new bicycle, he wishes his bike looked special too. So when Dad suggests they shine up his bike, Caillou’s all for it! They decorate it with their own streamers and Mom comes through with a new horn too!

“Our Rocket Ship”
Caillou and Leo are playing with their rocket ships in the park. Rosie wants to help them build the space station but she accidentally wrecks it. Caillou’s frustration builds when they have to go home because of Rosie’s nap. 

At home, Caillou and Leo continue their space game and are thrilled when Mr. Hinkle gives them a cardboard box which they transform into a rocket ship. They all work very hard to decorate it. When Rosie comes out to help, Caillou is worried she’s going to wreck it and doesn’t want her help. But with Mommy’s help, Rosie makes the perfect final touch for the rocket ship: a flag! Caillou realizes that Rosie can help too and invites her to join him on the first mission in their new rocket ship!

“All Aboard!”
After finding a photograph of a four-year-old Dad with a model train set, Caillou and Dad decide to look for it in Grandpa’s basement. After a while, they finally find it and set it up to test it out. Caillou is having a great time; Grandpa, Dad and Caillou all love toy trains. Grandma captures the moment in a photograph that Caillou decides to put in the photo album beside the old picture of Dad.

“The Lightning Ball Express”
Mrs. Howard brings over an old train set for Caillou to play with. Caillou has fun with it...until he breaks the train! Instead of telling Mrs. Howard, Caillou attempts to hide from her. When his rouse fails, Caillou confesses to breaking the train and is surprised to learn that Mrs. Howard’s son broke it many times as a child...and she knows how to fix it! 

“Caillou’s Big Dig”
Caillou is feeling frustrated while trying to build a model truck. He decides he wants to quit! Daddy suggests Caillou take a break and join him on an errand. Together, they stop by Eric’s dig site, where Caillou learns a little bit about archaeology – and he learns that some things take time and effort, but the effort is worth it in the end. Caillou returns home to finish his model, and is proud that he did. 

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